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In our quest to best serve you, we have assembled a team of mental health specialists that are dedicated to providing exceptional care that goes above and beyond services you will find anywhere.  Our team was assembled through an extensive search across the profession for practitioners who are exceptionally trained, have reputable service, and are invested in improving the value and efficacy of the therapeutic experience.  We are very proud to provide this great community access to a team whose combined history of clinical experiences total more than 50 years of service!  Please take a moment to learn more about each member of our team by clicking on the team member below. 



    Fred Riley,  LCSW, Owner                                          Dave Jensen, CMHC, SUDC                                          Pamela McClure, ACMHC


                                          Synthia Scott CSW                                    Noelle Gardner, LCMHC               






Fred Riley, Director, LCSW

Fred specializes in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), pornography addiction, anxiety and depression.  He has significant experience in working with adults, children and adolescents.  In addition, Fred is known for his work in relationship skills training.

"I believe that a therapist must be understanding yet assertive in his or her endeavor  to assist the individual, couple, or family address their concerns in a thorough and well constructed fashion.  Our task is to dust off the innate talents, skills, and abilities of the client so that they can put them back into motion and return to growth."
        Our Team


Pamela McClure ACMHC

Pam specializes in the treatment of adults and children who face a variety of issues which include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Trauma and Abuse Response, Pornography addiction, as well as a various presentations of depression and anxiety.  She has a history rich of advocacy for families and children in the court systems and community based organizations.  In addition to Marital, Individual, and Family Intervention, Pam also provides treatment in a group therapy setting.   

"I believe that healing occurs in a therapeutic environment in which an individual can trust that they are seen as valid.  Where they are acknowledged and accepted as they are and for the paths that have led them to where they are at this particular time in their life.  Individuals are aware of the authenticity of the counselor and are best served as they can trust, confide, and even gain new understanding from a counselor who approaches then with genuine investment in their quest to live a healthy, happy life."

Synthia Scott, CSW

Synthia specializes in the treatment of grief/ loss, trauma issues, depression, and   anxiety as well as daily life stressors.  She has a background in mental health services and has worked with a variety of populations. 


“I believe that we all need someone to talk to that can offer support and really listen and accept us for who we are without judgment.  I help provide my clients with a safe place to explore issues that are preventing them from living the life that they want.  My greatest reward as a therapist is to help my clients discover their strength within that allows them to make changes in their lives.  These changes allow them to look forward to a future and have hope.”


Noelle Gardner, LC

Noelle specializes in the treatment of substance abuse and trauma issues, as well as  disorders of mood, anxiety and personality.  She has a background in prevention services and has worked with a variety of populations. 

“I believe that individuals are resilient and adaptive. However, we sometimes develop coping strategies that do not serve us well over time.  In therapy, we can explore what you want to change, challenge maladaptive thoughts and behaviors, increase awareness, then work together to develop new strategies while building on existing strengths.  I would appreciate the opportunity to serve as a collaborative partner, helping you to envision and create positive change in your life.”


Dave Jensen, CMHC, SUDC

Dave specializes in the treatment of chemical and behavioral addictions as well as depression, anxiety, developmental and psychosocial traumas, as well as self-concept/self-esteem deficits.

"My style and philosophy reflects an accepting, respectful, and non-judgmental focus in therapy. I firmly believe in, and place emphasis on, the separation of a client’s personal identity and his or her behavior. This philosophy has given my clients a more effective base to develop accurate self-concept and has instilled hope and motivation for positive change."

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